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I've often been told I talk too much

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  • Fri, 13:06: RT @AtlantaDNA: Tomorrow morning, 9am: Help us finish the mural at Sweet Auburn Curb Market! Meet in the parking lot.
  • Fri, 13:07: Random breast pains: Ow! Yes, I said breast.
  • Fri, 13:40: Yeesh, today has been a trainwreck, in terms of things going wrong that really shouldn't.
  • Fri, 16:10: There's a red-headed, red-bearded side on this train who would've scared off Romans invading Britain.
  • Fri, 16:35: Left work early. Really tired and one of my boob hurts. Is that a boobache? Breastache? Taking care of some remaining work from home tho.
  • Sat, 07:42: RT @brianstelter: Overheard in a security line at JFK Airport, a verbal tussle between two TSA workers. 1: "I try to use common sense." ...
  • Sat, 07:43: RT @charlesedwards1: Agreed RT @Urvaksh "like-ing" ability to bucket Facebook friends into groups & direct status updates accordingly. M ...

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huh? I have been filtering my facebook statusses (stati?) for ages now! NSFW, friends, and lots of specific work filters. It has always worked!

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