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Looking for Wendy? On LJ, Not So Much...
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No, I don't look at LJ anymore. We had a very serious affair for 7-8 years but we went our separate ways. LJ just could not compete in any way with new venues. Except for long writing, which I miss, although I do it occasionally on FB.

Miss me? Lament you don't know what I'm doing? Think I am dead? If so, it's probably because you refuse to move beyond LJ because I am VERY active in a lot of other online places, posting my opinions, photos, daily adventures, etc. just like I always did here.

To that end, let me tell you where you can "find" me and connect. Or not. Your choice!

Twitter - wcdarling

I'm at over 20,000 tweets. Yes, you read that right.

Facebook - Wendy Darling

If you hate FB, alright then, but if you use it, that (and Twitter) are the primarly way to find me doing stuff.

DeviantArt - wiebkefesch

Been on DA for two years now and have 4500 pieces in my Gallery... so far. I also blog there (photo features mostly) and run a couple of DA groups, including ones on Ancient Rome, Atlanta and (my favorite) Art Deco architecture.


I have two main IDs on Tumblr -- photo-blogger (wdarling) and Art Deco Architecture (a hugely popular blog).

YouTube - wiebkefesch

I post videos from time to time, which you can find on my channel.


There are a few more places but they are less active. One place I'm not is Google+ because it seems so unncessary. If I do get into it, it will probably just been an aggegator of all the other stuff I already.

P.s. I have just disconnected the thing that was posting all my tweets to LJ. Mostly because my Facebook imports LJ entries and I don't want tweets to show up on FB. Housekeeping really.

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You make the world a very sad place in your absence!

I really wish you were on here more often. It's so lonely.

Are you coming to the party?

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