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What the...?

Since living Downtown, I've several time witnessed a phenomenon most people would not be familiar with: the installation of rooftop machinery. I'm talking about what happens when a city building -- a tall building -- needs a new rooftop heat exchanger, central air unit, etc. These are *giant* pieces of equipment that, I assume, have quite a bit of weight to them.

But how do they get on the roof? Well, if the building is relatively short, like 10-15 stories, a crew comes along with a mobile crane truck and the unit (or units) and over a few hours, they lift the unit up onto the roof. If the building is tall (a skyscraper) the crew comes with the unit(s), which are put on the ground, and then a heliocopter lifts it and flies vertically up to the top of the skyscraper and dumps the thing. It's quite a site to see a large-payload heliocopter working in an urban environment, especially when it's carrying a giant box which you fear might drop or smash into some building!

The reason this isn't a well-known sort of thing is that, as far as I can tell, they tend to do it early on weekend mornings... like right now!

Yes, there is a large yellow mobile crane outside my window right now and a large unit to be installed on the roof of either the Grant Building next door or mine. I've been watching them work and it's pretty amazing. Also funny at times, like when I just saw a guy *inside* the unit hanging on the giant fan (3-ft. blades) and spinning on it like it was one of those wheels at the playground. He's doing some checks on it, not playing, but it was still funny to see, especially since I doubt he expected anybody to be watching.

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