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Today was a little disappointing. The main disappointment being that I might've been able to do more things except I hurt my shoulder. I wish I could just get distracted enough by something else not to notice but it's really bugging me.

Anyway: my day.

Didn't do much in the morning beyond some general puttering, breakfast and watching the crane operation outside my window.

Around 11 I went over to Edgewood to pick up the CD I accidentally left at Kroger last night. Management had kept it in Customer Service overnight. Didn't do any shopping there, instead going right home.

Home, I listened to the album, which was Let It Be, I'm pretty sure the only Beatles album I didn't have on CD. I've had it on tape since 7th or 8th grade but somehow never got the CD. I love "Two of Us" and really all the songs on that. I also got to see them lift up the new air unit! (I know, so thrilling.)

Next I went up to Antique Row in Chamblee. This is a conglomeration of antique shops in old downtown Chamblee. I've gone there several times in the past to shop for antiques but I don't think I've been up for 4-5 years. I went up on the train and then walked around a mile over there, which wasn't too bad. My goal was a sideboard or something to put my entertainment equipment on. Even though I went in a lot of different shops and saw some amazing stuff, I didn't really find what I was looking for. Actually there seemed to be kind of a dearth of Art Deco stuff -- everything seemed either country or 19th century. The closest thing I found to my goal was a nice oak "music cabinet" designed, I'm guessing, for records or sheet music. But I need more than just that -- I need a sideboard too. A couple of other spectacular things I saw were way out of my price range ($1500 each): Art Noveau mirror with mythological figures and a very rare Art Deco dining room table. The good news is that even though I didn't find what I was looking for, I found out there's going to be a huge antique fair up there in two weeks, with tons of dealers and sales, so I can go up again and hope my special piece/s show up!

Thanks to MARTA's usual weekend service issues, after I got back to the train station it took me a whole hour to get home. My shoulder was sore from the bag and I started rotating it and doing things to try and snap it out of the pain, but nothing helped. On the ride home I got super sleepy (similar to the other day) and during a 20 minute halt at Arts Centers (argh!) I fell asleep for a while! I woke up and my arms had weird marks all over from the way I had them pressed into my (polyester) shirt. Yikes!

Anyway, got home and was settling in when Caleb called me over to help him install some shelves he just bought. I went over there for an hour and while there wasn't much help he really needed, I did minor stuff like open boxes, hand him tools, etc. By the time he had put things on the shelves I think he was tired because he got kind of snippy, so I left to go cook dinner. Made pizza, which was good, and I would've done work except my shoulder hurts.

Watched Discovery Health shows on plastic surgery. Several of the segments were on boob jobs and ack!!!!! do I hate them. I really feel like unless you've had something traumatic happen to your boob, you should just leave them alone. One woman had a JJ implant put it and it was 3-lbs, just like a canteloupe. On the other hand, I totally supported the woman who'd lost like 200 lbs. and had a body lift to get rid of the 20 lbs. extra skin she had. That was really amazing, though it cost $40,000, which has to suck incredibly :(

Really wish I could wave a magic wand or get some painkiller shot into this shoulder.
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