Wiebke (wiebke) wrote,

Newburyport and Plum Island

I'm back from the little day trip to the coast.

We ended up going to Newburyport rather than Portsmouth, as we thought it would be easier for my dad to reach the boardwalk park there rather than the one in Portsmouth.

Mom drove the scenic route up, so we went through plaes like North Andover, Boxford, Georgetown, etc. which are full of gorgeous old houses, including Federal style, saltbox farmhouses, etc., a lot of them dating to the 1700s and early 19th century. I even saw a few houses from the mid-1600s.

Newburyport itself is absolutely gorgeous too. We went to the nice waterfront boardwalk first, so Dad could find a place to sit. It was a little windy but OK. Mom and I went off to do a little shopping and the street festival going on. There are so many nice shops in that town, especially jewelry, antiques and homegoods.

Unfortunately we only looked at a few stalls and shops before it started raining. Dad had the car keys but we didn't want him getting super wet so we went to the car to check that he got inside. He was there, but since it was raining we decided to go over to Plum Island. So we drove by yet more pretty houses and wound up stopping at this bird sanctuary run by the Mass. Audobon Society. They had a great giftshop; they had all these stuffed birds (the stuffed animal kind, not taxidermy) that play bird calls recorded at the Cornell ornithology center. They had a ton of different birds and I decided I had to have one. I got a crow. My mom thought it was weird but I love crows.

The rain stopped again so we went back to Newburyport and finally found a place to park. This time we left Dad in the car (he just tilts back the seat and listens to the radio or sleeps) and went shopping for around an hour. Again, lots of nice shops. I like the British shop there, although I didn't buy anything this time. Mom and I stopped at the amazing retro soda shop / magazine shop on Main St. and had ice cream and coffee. I love that place. It started to drizzle but we shopped a bit more and Mom got a big pot of poppies from a flower stand that was just closing. Then it was really raining so we all went home.

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