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Smart Kitty

Jeez, the kitten is smart, or at least, she has really good visual perception. I mean, I could tell that right off from how she looks at things and interacts with toys, but tonight, Daniel and I were very surprised:

I had sat down at the computer to show Daniel some pictures I'd found on the web showing Savannahs, which are the breed of cats we're pretty positive Luckie is. I'd found a few pictures of adult Savannah females who look very much like her. (For fun, check out this pic of mama and babies.) Anyway, he came over to look, holding Luckie in his arms.

Well, the kitten instantly saw the cat on the screen and was riveted. We put her on the desk and she walked up and pawed the screen *right* on the cat. When I switched to some other cat pictures, every time she reacted and pawed the screen. She liked this slide show a lot.

Luckie also watches TV. I was watching Animal Planet earlier today and she just STARED at some llamas or something. Caleb says he watched Independence Day with her tonight (while Daniel and I were at Six Flags) and she didn't like the alien monsters.

She even watches me play Bookworm on my computer, riveted by the mouse pointer and the exploding tiles.

This is so fun!
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