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Just had another one of those gut-churning MARTA experiences, where I've been seated in close proximity to somebody neither I nor anybody else would ever choose to seated by.

Bus stopped by Peachtree Center and took on a hopelessly disabled, mute, palsied elderly man in a Grady Hospital wheelchair. As soon as the chair was on the bus you could smell him. The driver had to get really close to him to hook him up to the wheelchair safety belts. I was sitting right behind him and the smell made me want to puke, as did the visible sores on the man's hands and neck, plus the way he kept thrashing around. Anybody ever smelled somebody who's not bathed or been able to go to the toilet right in months? It is a very, very bad smell, like the dirtiest underwear + B.O. + something like wet dog food. Anyway, after about three blocks I was feeling really nauseous but when the man's wheelchair started to creep forward when we did a fast stop, I got up and hauled him back. The last thing I wanted was for this truly wretched, poor man to sprawl out on the floor.

The world is messed up when this kind of thing can happen.
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