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Learning Piggy

Abbie now comes when I call. She'll be out of the cage, on the rug, and I'll put out my hand just a little and say "Abbie, come here!" and she scoots over, sometimes up to two feet. Yay! Naturally she is really expecting a carrot or something (which occasionally I do have, just to keep her hopes up) but basically she comes up to me now on cue. It's so cute. She will also get on her hind legs if I put my hand over her head. She's surprisingly good at keeping her balance, too. Her other trick is that if I come to the cage with a treat and say "Candy, candy, candy!" she will run over from wherever she is and beg for it on her hind legs. (YinYang is alerted to it as well but isn't quite as eager, which is odd since she has a much bigger appetite.)

Oh, and on a related note, check out this really cute piggy on guinea_pigs. He approaches Abbie in cuteness, but of course does not surpass :)
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