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Potential Good Stuff Around the Corner

Several good business opportunties seem to have fallen into my lap lately. My ex-coworker Tonette sent me a client of hers she doesn't have time for anymore, somebody who seems like they will pay me quite well. I also picked up a site maintenance job w/o even trying. I've got another opportunity that involves some retail enterprise on my part but should safely earn me a bit of cash come the new year. And I have a potentially very lucrative sub-contract opportunity which will make me very happy should it come to pass, which depends on whether the contract gets landed. I will be grateful for any and all of this, as I seem to have gone through my cash at the moment. Things will be fine come January, as my boat will come in as far as people paying me, but this month and last are very sketchy income-wise, since in general traveling and working don't work that well.
Tags: metro girl, work

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