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Weirdest Video EVER

I love Bjork and I love her videos, but I just watched the Medulla videos and the last one on the DVD, for "Where Is The Line," is the weirdest video I've ever seen! That video Madonna did with all the Japanese people in straight jackets makes so much sense in comparison.

The Video:

Basically, you have Bjork in a hayloft wearing this outfit completely made out of stuffed burlap bags, kind of like a giant bunch of grapes. She also has on a headdress made of burlap and straw. She's standing there writhing around as the song starts and then this slimy creature comes out the bottom, kind of like it's being born. It looks like Bjork, except it's all naked and covered in white slime with weird eyes and there's this hideous clear gunk its puking out its mouth. The video goes and this thing is writhing around and the burlap Bjork is kind of dancing. Meanwhile there's hay flying around, almost in sync with the music, and the hay is sticking to the slimy creature. Eventually the slimy creature is covered in it, so it's become a sort of hay creature. Next thing, it seems to get re-absorbed into burlap Bjork... and then there are like ten of these hay creatures dancing around in the hayloft and they are scary as hell. At this point the song is just going "Where is the line with you? Where is the line with you?" and yeah, they are totally out of control. There's hay shooting out to the beat. Then as the song comes to a close, a bunch of the creatures return to the haypiles and "disappear" and then a few circle burlap Bjork, fall on her, and she disappears under a haystack.

Of course I like this video but still, what the HELL? The other videos are pretty awesome as well, like "Triumph of the Heart" which for some reason has Bjork sleeping with a CAT, who later turns into a man-sized cat wearing a suit and kind of doing the whole Christopher Walken dance. Yeah. It's Bjork.
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