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Fat Wiebke Journal

Well, those of you who want to (and I know there are at least two), you can now read a new LJ I started called "Fat Wiebke's Journal," which will be me talking about diet, exercise and related efforts of mine to lose weight.


For those of you who say, "Wait, but you're not really fat," let me give you a way of understanding that yes, I am:

Imagine two cakes. One is small and one is extra large. Now pretend you have two cans of chocolate icing. Both cans have the same amount of icing. On the small cake, a whole can of icing obliterates the cake. It's totally covered in icing. On the extra large cake, the icing gets spread out really thin. Now in my case, I'm an extra large cake. I have a lot of fat on me, but you'd have to get about five "cans of icing" on me to make me look as fat as somebody who's a foot shorter than me. I am about 30 lbs. overweight and if you ask me, I should really be about 40 lbs. less.

I don't believe in "skinny." I'm never ever going to be that. Even if I drop 40 lbs., I'd only drop to maybe a size 12. But you know, it's a lot easier to find a size 12 -- and there are many of them in my closets and bureau -- than it is to find a 16 or an 18. And you look better when clothes fit versus when you're squeezed into them like you've been shrunk-wrapped. As my sister Carolyn told me, "You'd be a knockout even if you were just a 14." And I agree!

Anyway, blah blah blah. Add me if you want, otherwise ignore this. From time to time I will refer to this other journal but other than that, I may skip off mentioning much of what I'm doing with the diet & exercise in this LJ, as it's boring and irritating to some folks.

- fat_wiebke
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