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In the immortal words of Charlie Brown, AAAAAUGHGH!

I went to bed late knowing I'd have to get up at 7 so I could get out to Luckie's vet appointment at 9. Little did I know I'd have to get up a lot earlier.

First, a January thunder & lightning storm woke me up around 5. Must've been some whopper thunder to actually wake me up. Then there were police sirens, car alarms, icy rain whipping against the windows by my head.

Then Luckie got up and turned into the Devil. I heard some commotion and realized she was on the table messing with the birds. I yelled at her and she got down. I then opened the door so I could keep an eye on her from bed. Well, she did it three more times. Finally I had to go grab her to haul her into the bedroom for a "time out." She didn't want to be caught, so there I am tricking the cat at 5:30.

I got her into my bedroom and thought she'd just chill out, but no, she decided she was going to keep me awake. Attacked all the window shades, went after the Christmas lights on the window, tried knocking over my books and water glass, got freaked out by the lightning...

Finally, conceding I was going to have to get up, I grabbed her and held her to my chest for some forced affection. She loved it. Sweetheart wants affection and got it, despite the fact I was/am rather ticked off by missing over an hour of sleep.

Now my alarm is going off. Time to get up!


Making my morning better (yeah, right!) is the fact it's still raining. Since I have to do some walking from a MARTA station to the vet, I'm going to have to wrap the pet carrier in a plastic bag. And carry an umbrella. And get soaked by the time I get there.


This is proof that even self-employed people have crappy Mondays.
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