Wiebke (wiebke) wrote,

Luckie's New Vet

Luckie's back from the vet. It was a pain in the butt to lug her over there but the vet clinic I switched to turned out to be really great. The people were all so, so nice and also very thorough with their records, questionairre, etc., just like a people doctor :) She got caught up on various shots and tests she should've had from my original vet, who I now think was less than competent. Luckie hadn't ever had any bloodtests for feline leukemia or HIV or any test for worms, so they did those and, thankfully, she is clear. They also went ahead and did a few tests they needed to do in preparation for her surgery, when she'll be spayed. The whole shabang was expensive, with the regular visit fee and then like 6 tests, but she's all set now and I'm glad she had the blood tests. She was very glad to be home though and gulped down 5 cat treats in a row, probably would've had more if I'd given them to her. Guess the vet made her hungry! Poor dear is now sleeping on a pillow I put by the desk here.

Meanwhile, despite the coffee I got at the vet's office, I am really tired, due to the whole lack of sleep thing. I will probably have to have a quick nap of some kind or I won't manage to get much done. I have a full agenda today!

P.S. Luckie is now all of 7.2 lbs. Gained 2 lbs. since her last visit, back in October.
Tags: luckie, pets

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