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Then & Now -- from thefridayfive


1) What was the first album/CD/Cassette you ever bought?
I'm pretty sure it was a Beatles album, either Revolver or Sgt. Pepper.

2) What was your first fave song?
"Over the Rainbow." For a more pop choice: "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "Killer Queen" were two other favs of mine as a little, little kid.

3) Which song gives you that "funny nostalgic feeling" everytime you hear it?
All my tapes of early 90s Euro techno. Lots of other stuff as well, but especially THAT.

4) Name the first concert you ever went to.
The first concert I know I bought tickets for myself was Ani DiFranco, who played UMass my freshmen year of college, right after Puddle Dive came out. Tickets were only $5.

5) What do you consider the worst song of all time?
"Just A Friend," as sung by Biz Markie (sp?). Jeeeeeeeezus. On the other hand, it's really funny to hear somebody sing that bad.


1) Name your fave song at the moment.
Klaus Nomi's version of Donna Summer's "I Feel Love." Not one single word is intelligle.

2) What is the most recent album/CD/Cassette you purchased?
I totally am blanking on this. My financial software says the last thing I got was Kraftwerk's Tour de France album, which I bought in Milan. That doesn't sound right to me, however, since that was way back in July.

3) Which song will you never get sick of hearing?
"Over the Rainbow" -- as sung by Judy Garland only.

4) What is your current fave music video?
"Triumph of the Heart" by Bjork.

5) If you could be a famous music artist, what type of music would you produce?
Bjork meets David Bowie, I think.
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