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Luckie Update

Luckie has been dozing on the bed pretty much since early afternoon. She did get up a couple of times to eat and once to cuddle with Caleb and Daniel, but she seems a little out of it. I think the vet visit has affected her somehow, like a reaction to one of the shots or something. She normally doesn't just snooze for hours like this. She hasn't even come over to bug me at the computer or anything.

Maybe she's just saving energy so she can wake me up at 5 a.m. again!

Meanwhile, here are 10 little notes on stuff relating to the little princess:

1. She likes to wake me up by sticking her cold, wet nose into my ear and purring full volume.
2. She continues to wrestle with the stuffed guinea pig toy.
3. She makes the cutest little growl when she's going after her octopus toy.
4. At any one time there are a minimum of six cat toys under the piano.
5. She has quite a nose for dairy. I had celergy w/cream cheese and she was hovering.
6. Her favorite food is fish, no question. (We did find her on the Georgia Aquarium construction site!)
7. She is now content to sit in my lap while I work and rarely attacks the mouse pointer.
8. Today, for the first time, she spontaneously jumped into Caleb's lap.
9. She doesn't look out the windows, just attacks the blinds.
10. Yesterday she seemed fascinated by a baby camel on TV.
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