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Wobbly Human, Wobbly Cat

I feel rather crappy today and so does the cat. Ugh.

Luckie didn't wake me up this morning; in fact I slept 9 hours solid. Unfortunately I woke up with a headache from squinting my eyes against the sun. And ow! do my leg muscles ache. I guess the muscle thing is good, as it proves I actually DID something last night exercising. But a massage would be good about now.

The cat, meanwhile, definitely seems "off" to me. She slept all yesterday afternoon and evening. When it was bedtime I have to actually pick her up off the bed to get her to move. She seems to have lost the spring in her step at the moment. In fact she seems a bit wobbly and woozy, like slightly out of it. Also, when I pick her up, she starts meowing and moaning, and last night she even hissed at me. She was like that today, too, making these weird meows. Goins into heat maybe, I guess. I will keep watching her though, in case she's sick.

Oh, and this morning she found an arugala leaf I'd dropped and ate it. Either she thinks she's a guinea pig or she's feeling a bit sick and wanted some greens.
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