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As the afternoon plods on

The headache I woke up with hasn't really gotten better. Not that I've taken anything for it but I'd thought it would fade on its own. I've also been dragging all day, although I've managed to get a few things done and apply for some project work. Right now I'm about to go out for my allergy shot, which is a few days overdue. Tonight I will exercise again, assuming I can get these muscles to do anything, they're so sore from yesterday still. If the stairmaster is too painful I will do treadmill. Stationary bike is totally out due to the massive thigh-chafing it gave me both Sunday and Monday. (Damn sensitive skin!)

I think Luckie is getting over whatever was bothering her. She's not whining when I pick her up, ate a half can of salmon canned food, and is playing a bit rather than being all stoned or whatever ;)
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