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This afternoon the nurse at the allergy clinic asked how I was and I said, "Well, aside from a truly horrible headache, fine." And she said something that made me think, which was, "Ah, but you're still smiling! That's great!" Maybe it's because I've dealt with so many headaches, but I would never think to stop smiling because of one. I smile a lot, I think. A headache sucks and makes my soul feel beaten and awful, but it's no reason to stop smiling at people and trying to be nice.

On a related note, I remember being in 8th grade and walking by this seventh-grade girl Lauren Forbes I knew from church. I have no idea why, but as I went by and noticed her looking kind of grim, I said, "Smile." Oooh, and did she get mad at me: "No. How DARE you say that!" A few years later we were in a class together and got on a lot better. Back in October my mother mentioned that she heard (how, I don't know) that Lauren want to get in touch with me again for some reason. I never did hear from her. I wonder if she's a goth now. Heck, maybe she reads my LJ. Lauren?
Tags: headache, memories

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