Wiebke (wiebke) wrote,

Cat is deviling me

Luckie went crazy again last night, only not in the morning, but right when I was trying to go to bed.

At first she was sleeping near my feet but I really can't sleep without being able to move my legs, so I picked her up and put her near my head. Well, after that she just turned into a spoiled brat. She went and started scratching up my suitcase, then next thing I knew, was bothering the birds again. I got up 3-4 times to stop her. She kept doing it so I took out one of her toys and taped it to her scratching post. She amused herself with that for ten minutes, but then went back to the birds. That was it, so I grabbed her and put her in the bedroom with the door closed. Of course she then attacked the shades and Christmas lights on the window but... somehow we made it. I woke up an hour or two later, I think, and opened the door so she could go use her litterbox if she needed to. I slept like a log after that.
Tags: luckie, pets

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