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A Darling Christmas!!!!!

Finally getting around to sharing some of my pictures from Christmas at home in Massachusetts. I seem to have missed quite a few family members but hey, there were like 18 of them, so hey, I did well. Anyway, for anybody who likes family pics, here are some of mine. And, yes, they DO look like me :)

Living room *partially* full... also partially "clean," relatively

This year's tree was, for the first time, artificial. But pretty!

Table almost ready for Christmas Eve dinner. There were 14 of us.

Look, it's Rudoph!

Sometime during Christmas Eve gift upwrapping.

I love how using the "night" setting made Sean's glowing lizard look magic.

My sister Nancy and her sons Ian (18) and Sean (7).

Ian, the human couch.

Juliana (my sister Betty's daugher) and Sean.


Smiling niece. I sent this picture to her mom.

I love this picture -- she looks so GRAVE!

I have more pictures I'll post later, a few from Boston, and a ton from the MFA.
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