Wiebke (wiebke) wrote,

Helping the animals again

I'm going to be volunteering on the mobile adoptions bus again today. It's funny, because last night I saw it on my schedule but I misread it as volunteering at the shelter. "I have to walk dogs all day?! With my legs this sore? Oh noes!" I thought. But this mobile thing is easier, as you're only walking a few dogs and it's only around a parking lot. Not chasing down dogs in the dog kennel. Plus you get to cuddle the cats. The only unknown today is the bus driver. I got on really well with the driver/coordinator Kristen, who was from Maine, but apparently she's moved to Washington state and another woman has taken over. I hope to hell she's not one of those strict pet discipinarian types who won't let the dogs have any fun. But I shall see!
Tags: animals, pets

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