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Hopping through the evening

Made dinner: jumbo shrimp with English seafood sauce. Yum! It was even super lowfat seafood sauce I got at Sainsbury's!

Got online and whined about foot and other stuff to tharain. (I needed sympathy so bad, so thank you dear!)

Soaked foot in hot bath with some lavender bubble bath. Didn't help, but it felt nice. Also amused self by watching Luckie try to play with bubbles without falling in the bath. Finally picked her up and dipped her hind feet in. Boy, was she mad.

Put in East Side Story, the Communist musical documentary, which came in via Netflix in late November but which I still hadn't watched due to all my travels. It was disappointing, mainly because it was too serious and moved too slowly. The co-director for it was the same guy who did The Nomi Song and I could see the similarities. It was cool to see all the footage from Commie musicals from the USSR, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, etc., even though it got weighed down. What awesome outfits those women had! I want to try this computer's screen-capture program and show off some of those clothes.

Meanwhile I've made the foot situation somewhat more bearable. I basically sort of shook my foot for a while hoping whatever is out of place might snap back. It did seem to make things a tad better. I also poked around and discovered that it's only a small area, about 1.5"x1.5" in the top middle of my foot, that really, really hurts. Everything else is fine, but if I do anything that puts pressure on that part of my foot, OW! Now I have it in an ACE bandage with a footie slipper over it. Restrict the amount of movement seems to make it a bit better, although soon as I move it, eeeeek.

Tomorrow I'd like to clean up around the house. If my foot is better, I will. Otherwise, I'm going to work-work all day, which certainly keeps me off my feet.
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