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Daily wrap-up

Well, today went pretty well!

1) Got work done in the morning and afternoon.

2) Foot recovered itself. Even the stiff ankle went away.

3) Went grocery shopping at Atlantic Station Publix. Very nice store and now the 10 bus route goes basically right from my door there and back. Convenience! Now that I'm providing all my own meals and snacks (no more going out), I need to go grocery shopping once a week and I'll be going there, for the most part.

4) Made a nice simple dinner: brussel sprouts w/mustard, orzo w/pesto, and a bagel.

5) Caleb, who I haven't seen much all week, invited me over to watch "Wonder Woman." Daniel got the first season on DVD and Caleb is borrowing it. OMG, it is sooooo AWESOME! We watched the hour-long pilot episode and I almost peed myself from laughing. Meanwhile: I totally want to find Paradise Island. If Cloris Leachman is immortal, is she still there?

6) Caleb came over to my building to work out. I did 40 min. on the stairmaster while he did the treadmill, which he set at a setting twice what I could handle. We were so sweaty afterward.

7) Upstairs Luckie had eaten the fresh catnip Caleb brought over and she was a bit bonkers. Before he went home, Caleb got into my mess of a bed and we snuggled with the cat.
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