Wiebke (wiebke) wrote,

Being industrious

So tonight Caleb asked me if I had any work. Um, strange, but no, not really. I just sent out a TON of invoices and am owed a lot, but as far as serious, large paying jobs lined up in the immediate future, no. Um, oops!

Which is why I had started looking for additional work through agencies... and why I just put in bids on four different jobs listed on Craigslist. Not job jobs, but projects people need done. Two are web jobs, two are editing. I would think I'd get at least one of them! I will say, though, that I've responded to several Craigslist ads in the past and have never heard back, presumedly because there are so many people who respond. But hey, fingers crossed, I get some work!

Monday I need to call this one agency that called me. I've called them three times, which is a LOT considering I hate phones, and haven't been able to reach them. I left messages. I'm surprised they didn't call back.
Tags: metro girl, work

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