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Have a bunch of rather meaningless bits of info I feel like blibbering* out.

1) Just served up a cute little dinner on my Staffordshire. Caleb was coming by to get some of my leftover painting supplies and I figured why not serve him dinner, too. I even used the teapot and little teacups. Of course the real reason I used the fancy china is that ALL my other dishes are either in the (running) dishwasher or piled in the sink.

2) Managed to pick up the bedroom and master bathroom this afternoon and did 4 loads of laundry (1 clothes, 3 blankets/sheets). I hope to accomplish a quick clean of the main room and then go work out, before moving on to some creative work, either writing or editing.

3) From what the scale said last night, I think I've lost 1 lb. this week. In any case, between the good diet and exercise, I feel much better, physically, than I did before the New Year's Resolutions kicked in.

4) Had breakfast with the boys over at Highland Bakery, one of the nicest new additions to the Atlanta food scene. Even though a lot of what they serve up for breakfast is things off my diet, I found something I could eat, yummy granola with yogurt and fruit. And delicious raspberry tea!

5) Have been reading Samuel Delany's memoire, The Movement of Light on Water and it is BRILLIANT. It's a book group assignment so if the pattern holds, everybody else will hate it. But I love it and I think my dad will, too, so I plan to mail it to him once I'm done.

6) Found an post on Craigslist looking for voiceover talent for an ad. I could *totally* do that -- believe it or not, I have an "automated voice system voice," besides my regular loud, deep one -- so I may respond. The pay is excellent!

7) Why does it seem like I'm always coldest when my bathrobe is in the dryer?

* Don't consult your dictionary, I made this word up.
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