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At last! At last!


Sorry for the caps, but damn, I feel so relieved, delighted and proud at this moment. I FINALLY started on a writing project I've been talking about for far, far too long, a new Wraeththu story designed to be a novella. I keep talking about it and have developed a lot of it in my head, but actually starting on it? Nah. That would be... well, writing, and except for a few short pieces, I haven't been doing all that much of that this year. But finally, finally I wrote!

What really thrills me is that what I wrote is actually good, in fact amazingly so, or so it seems in the giddy afterglow. I had a bit of inspiration on the opening earlier, while sweating it out on the stairmaster, and it was the perfect thing to get me started. Everything came off just as I've been imagining it, with the sort of style and tone and mood I want, and it all flowed out of me like wine or something, not a dropped spilled.

My favorite line so far:

The crowd was roaring, voicing swelling like a rising orgasm, and he was about to give them release.

He he. Erm, and yeah, the story starts out with a band performing sex on stage. Whoo hoo!

For those Wraeththu folks curious, yes, this novella is going to be based on my earlier short-story "Angry City" and in fact it has the same title, only it's going to be substantially more involved and certainly better written than the original. There will be a lot more character development, more plot, than simply a har getting in the family way, to his total shock.

Fingers crossed, I'll be working on this every day from now on. I want to strike while the iron is hot!
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