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Back at Christmastime when I was up in Massachusetts and got to hang out with dharmagirl, I mentioned how much I would love a copy of the Beastie Boys compilation CD she'd just done, plus maybe a Beastie CD or two. I also told her how much I regretted selling Aerosmith's Pump, an album she gave me for Christmas in 9th grade but which in college I felt somehow embarrassed to own. I loved that thing so much, turns out, that I've been pining for it! Dee said she'd burn some CDs for me and lo and beyond, she did! She sent me Pump, the Beastie compilation, Paul's Boutique, and something called H.I.M. (not sure that is yet, could be metal).

Here's my email to Dee:

Aw, Dee, I got your package today and it totally rocked my day! This is impressive, since I finished writing a novella today, which also rocked, but I swear your package was better. I picked it up from the mail room on the way to work out and when I saw it, I was like, "Yay, I can listen to it RIGHT NOW on my CD walkman!" Looking at what you sent, I knew I had to listen to Pump. You're the one who GAVE me that album originally, as a Christmas present in 9th grade. I had *just* got my first CD player back then and the only CDs I had were Schubert and Bob Dylan my brother-in-law Bruce had given me. Anyway, I worked out to that and it totally, totally rocked! I love how 95% of the lyrics are blatant sexual innuendos. Just TOO funny! (I also LOVE Sir Mix-a-lot, who is the King of Unsubtle.) I got so into it, I think I sweat twice as much as usual. And another bonus, the album is exactly as long as my workout -- 45 minutes. LOL.

Anyway, thanks hugely! I'm going to listen to those CDs over and over all week, I know!

You rock!

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