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Randomsity at 12:33

...My nephew Ian may be visiting me over his spring break. He's a senior in high school. Yay. He's a really good kid.

...Just found a place I can buy MP3s of 2 Klaus Nomi albums for like $3.00 total. I don't do MP3s really, except for him. Having him just always on my hard drive is so convenient!

...I also got, free, an MP3 somebody ripped off a video, of Klaus Nomi doing this whacked out version of "Falling in Love Again" (Marlene Dietrich's song from The Blue Angel).

...I almost skipped working out tonight since Caleb and Daniel came over, but my Angel won over my Devil and I did it.

...Been doing a run-through on the novella, editing the hardcopy, and I'm pleased with it.

...I am verrrry tempted to adopt a boy guinea pig at the humane society. He's INSANELY cute. I would have to have him neutered, however.

...Luckie's getting spayed tomorrow!
Tags: klaus nomi, misc

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