Wiebke (wiebke) wrote,

Kitty's Day

So I dropped Luckie at the vet this morning. I felt so bad. She knew something was up, I swear, and I had to chase her and/or trick her to get her into the carrier. Then on the way to MARTA she was shaking, scared of the buses, trucks, etc., all making noise. She was calm by the time I had her at the vet's office, but ugh, I still felt bad.

Afterward I dropped by my friend Eleanor's house, since she live just around the corner. I was only going to stay for 20 minutes for coffee but it turned into about two hours. This was good, as she's a dear, we chatted, and she has a tiny kitten with a broken leg in a splint... aw. I also got 2 cups of coffee and, once her B&B guests got up, helped her make them breakfast. I did scrambled eggs. I felt much better after being over there.

Now, however, I feel so weird, home with no cat. Luckie's at the vet all day. I'm glad I'll be at the animal shelter this afternoon and won't be dwelling on her too much.
Tags: luckie, pets

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