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Now oddly and rather incredibly, I have just found 4 really good jobs to apply for. I will do so tomorrow morning. That's a bit uncanny.

3 of them are my usual sort of jobs (web design, IT stuff) but one is totally off-the-wall but I LOVE the idea: Tour Guide for the Atlanta Segway Tours company, which does Segway tours of Atlanta. They're based 5 minutes from here and your job is to be a tour guide while running around on those Segway human transporters (in common use around here, as our Downtown Ambassadors employ them). You must be personable and have knowledge of the city. I will apply, what the heck, you know? The other jobs are good too but this one had me going, "Whoah, that'd be COOL!" Also would get me away from the computer. Bonus!
Tags: financial, job, metro girl

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