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Here's hoping!

Well, I've applied for 3 jobs so far today, including one working as a tour guide for this company. I truly think the last job would be very good for me because I would be outside, with people, away from the computer. I like web design, computers, etc., but I have a contradictory belief that they are bad for me. I can always continue my consulting work and computer use on the side. Anyway, no idea if I have an icecube's chance in Hell of being considered for that job but hey, gotta try, right? The other two jobs are ones I'm well-qualified for. I have one more to go, although I think it's in Dunwoody (northern suburb, accessible only by a 35-minute train ride plus some bus/walking) so I might postpone applying until after lunch.

It just started raining out, so I think I may not go grocery shopping as I'd planned; I don't really want to get wet waiting for the bus to and back. That's fine. Not like I don't have 800 other things to do. And not like I don't have a completely filthy main room (yeah, 3-4 days is all it takes) I should take care of.

Wish me luck!
Tags: financial, job, job hunt, metro girl

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