Wiebke (wiebke) wrote,

From thefridayfive - Food

1. What is the most adventurous food you've ever tried?

Durian. Also the most DISGUSTING thing I've ever attempted to eat.

2. What is the most adventurous food you'd be willing to try?

I'd like to eat bugs or insects, like roasted crickets or something. I've seen such on TV several times and think it would probably be good. Plus, oh, the protein!

3. Would you have a problem eating dog meat and why or why not?

If I was out in the boonies of Asia somewhere and my hosts were being nice and offered me dog meat, sure. Otherwise, no, because dogs aren't intended as food around where I live. Plus, I don't eat meat except when I'm vacation anyway.

4. For the most part, do you consider your diet to be balanced?

Now it is. The only unbalanced things: 1) I don't eat meat and 2) for diet reasons I'm avoiding cheese and other fat-filled dairy products.

5. Which is more appealing- being a vegetarian for the rest of your life or being a strict carnivore for the rest of your life?

I'm a vegetarian but I'm not strict; I'll eat fish, shrimp, lobster, etc., and I'll eat meat at holidays (Thanksgiving) or on vacation (esp. England). I used to be a horrible vegetarian, having meat when I was eating out, but now I won't eat it when I'm out at restaurant either. I definitely would NOT be a "strict carnivore," whatever that is. (Actually, I think Storm is a strict carnivore, now that I think of it, LOL.)
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