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What a way to end a week

I know it's Friday the 13th but I truly don't think I deserved the bad luck I just had!

Things were going great for me today when I decided to go grocery shopping up at the Atlantic Station Publix. I took the 5 o'clock bus up, arrived around 5:30, went shopping, and by 6 was out waiting for the return bus home.

This is when my luck stopped.

I absently checked for my monthly MARTA pass, which I know I'd stuck in my coat pocket. Only it wasn't there! I frantically searched my purse and wallet for it, to no avail. Thinking it might have fallen out of my pocket in Publix, while I was rummaging around for my shopping list, I lugged my two large bags of groceries back to the store and did a search. The produce manager was very helpful and went all around the store with me, but it wasn't anywhere to be seen. Customer Service hadn't seen it either. We concluded that somebody scooped it off the floor and kept it. Argh! Those things are $52.50/month and it's only the 13th!

Bad luck continued, as I had only a *nickel* in cash on me, so I had to use the ATM, then get in line and wait and wait and WAIT 'til the lady could make change for me.

I went out thinking the bus would be there in a few minutes. It was 6:30. By 7 it still had not come and I was freezing since the temp had dropped down. Meanwhile the shuttles to Arts Center kept going by and I ignored them. Then when I was getting pissed off, I went to wait on the shuttles... and then they promptly stopped coming by, so finally I wound up on the bus -- at 7:10!

So it was over an HOUR after leaving the damn Publix that I got to sit down on a bus! I didn't get home 'til 7:30 and my hands are still cold.

Re my pass, I left my biz card with Customer Service on the dim chance somebody turns in my card later. Meanwhile tomorrow I need to buy some tokens.


P.S. I will add that while waiting for the bus I got phone call from Caleb that might possibly represent some very GOOD news, but I won't know for a few days.
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