Wiebke (wiebke) wrote,

Product Recs

OK, I need a product rec, but I'm willing to put out a product rec in return.

I need... to get some kind of battery recharger. I want to use rechargable AA batteries for my CD walkman, instead of using regular batteries, since I've been going through 2 a week and it seems a huge waste. Anybody have a rec for a good charger? Otherwise I will go to Target or CVS but if there's an especially good one I'll look harder or order online.

I recommend... La Mexicana salsa. I got some at Publix the other day and it is INCREDIBLE! It was in the product aisle I think and that's appropriate because it's SO fresh. It doesn't come in a bottle, but in a semi-opaque plastic container. The tomatoes are just like fresh chopped and the spiciness (I got the mild) is just right. Lots of cilantro. Tastes like somebody JUST made it. Yum! It's made in California I think.

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