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7 Things

Got tagged by uigenna.

1. Write down 7 things that piss you off
2. Tag 7 people

1. People who call Midtown "Downtown" and vice versa.
2. Paranoia over crime.
3. Being hit up for money 5 times in a 3-block walk.
4. Giant SUVs being driven by ONE person, usually a tiny woman.
5. Cars that don't stop at crosswalks.
6. People who don't pick up after their dogs.
7. People who walk slowly and obliviously down the sidewalk, block it for everybody else.

(I guess I woke up in a mood to complain about people who make city life miserable at times.)

Tagging nervouscricket, vaysh (who surely has reason to be pissed off today), leduck, versailles_rose, rebness.
Tags: atlanta, downtown, meme

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