Wiebke (wiebke) wrote,

Interview #1

Well, I've been called in for an interview tomorrow!

It's not my top pick, mostly because the pay isn't that great and I'd probably have to wear "professional" clothes every day, but it's a Downtown job and very convenient, so what the heck. It's not everybody who can find a job a 10-minute walk from home.

Now the only pain is that the personnel company recruiting for the job is out in DeKalb County in some office park and I have to THERE to interview. So no doubt I'll be leaving at 8 a.m. for my 10:30 interview just because it'll take me that long to get out there and find my way from whatever bus route I take. I always get so lost in office parks / suburban developments. They're not meant to be walked so you're always climbing on embankments, getting splashed by cars, not being able to find the door to the building, etc.

Hopefully I will hear from my #1 preference as far as jobs tomorrow. I might've heard from them today but they were closed for the MLK holiday.
Tags: job hunt

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