Wiebke (wiebke) wrote,

Animal Time

I went out on the mobile adoptions van today, up at the Buckhead Petsmart. Sweet, sweet animals! There were 2 puppies, 2 young dogs, 2 cats and 2 kittens. The dogs were a rottweiler/shepherd (puppy), grey shepherd mix (puppy), a sweet gentle golden/lab retriever mix, and a border collie / Australian shephard mix. Of the cats, my favorite was Winkie, a tiny, year-old one-eyed (thus the name) white, red and black female. She was sooooo sweet! Afterward I went shopping at Petsmart and got all kinds of food and toys -- for ALL my animals. And a big bag of litter for the piggies. Always need to get litter!

Look under the cut and see two animals I worked with today:

Not sure which of these puppies is Spice...
they both look like her!
She had the best temperment.

Derrick the rottweiler. So much ENERGY!
A couple came in and filled out all
the stuff to adopt him, but then
their apartment complex said there
would be a $500 deposit for this
"aggressive breed."
Tags: ahs, animals, pets

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