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From thefridayfive

1. What is your preferred trusted news source?

I tend to get my news from 6 main sources: CNN.com, NYTimes.com, Alternet.org, BBC News, NPR, and the Atlanta Journal-Constituion. I think of all of these, Alternet and NPR offer the most trust-worthy news, focusing on the REAL news, whereas the others chase pretty much the same stories. Despite the scandals of late, I would say the NYT has the best writing.

2. What is a news source that you will never trust?

TV news. Which I never watch unless there's a huge disaster or something.

3. What is the news topic during the last calendar year that you feel got the worst coverage?

Climate change, including major changes affecting the lives of people and animals -- and whole ecosytems -- in the Arctic, islands in the Pacific, etc. It's NOT a theory.

There was a massive amount of stuff that went off the radar though. Most of the important stuff, in fact.

Also: I got the chance to see the difference between CNN US and CNN International when I watched tsunami coverage in Germany and then at home, where the story was "over" like 5 days later :(

4. What news item do you feel got too much coverage in the last calendar year?

Everything having to do with celebrities and/or hit TV shows. Blargh!

5. If you had complete control of your favored news source(s) (answer to question 1), what would you do with it that is not already being done?

For NPR, do more coverage and/or add POVs of younger people.

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