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So Pugsley came over again, to visit Luckie. While they got on *slightly* better than before, it basically ended in a stand-off, with Pugsley opting for a quiet, protected spot next to the birdcage and Luckie hiding under the sideboard across the room. LOL. Both of them uttered some major hisses and at one point Pugsley "spat" at Luckie. Most of the agression was from Luckie, while Pugsley apparently has excellent control of his temper. The worst of it was when Daniel and Pugsley were leaving. I picked Luckie up and Daniel took Pugsley and suddenly it was like cat fight in mid-air! Pugsley went nuts when he was in paws-reach and Luckie started "barking" and swiping. They made a quick exit. Within 30 seconds, Luckie was relaxed and being all affectionate. They are creatures of instinct and I guess they'll remain so ;)

Meanwhile Pugsley was actually over for more than two hours, as Daniel and Caleb came over for a visit, then tea, then watched Spirited Away. Caleb left around half-way through to go home for some "quiet time," but Daniel stayed to enjoyed the f'd up wonders of the movie. The cats were quiet almost the whole time, as they stayed away from one another.

I guess soon we're going out to dinner. Going to go to Harmony, the vegetarian Chinese place on Buford Highway. We haven't been there in a long time and I am thinking of the "mock shrimp" :)
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