Wiebke (wiebke) wrote,

Good Sunday

Well, today was pretty cool!

Had breakfast/brunch with the boys at Fleurs de Lis downstairs, then caught the bus to writer's group over at Ken's. The meeting went great, as we discussed a story by Bill and the first five chapters of my Wraeththu novella (excellent, helpful comments!), and then spent like 45 minutes doing world-building for the setting of our 2006 Dragon*Con anthology. Then afterward Amanda, Gilbert and I went out for a late lunch at Harry & Sons in Virginia-Highland. How awesome was that?!

Since then, damn if I know what I've been doing. Um... I played with the piggies, looked for some jobs, read the paper, played Alchemy (my latest game addiction), worked out, watched the "Art of Spirited Away" part of the DVD, ate leftovers from Harmony, and I guess not much else.
Tags: good day, outworlders

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