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Up early (for me)

This is what happens when you're self-employed and don't get up using an alarm:

I had to get up today at 7 and I looked at 2-3 different clocks before believing it was time, as it was still dark out. When does the sun come up anyway!?! I had forgotten, after two years of just about never being up before 8. So I had to look in the paper. 7:40. It is just coming up NOW.

Meanwhile, I had planned to be on a 7:45 bus so I could get to the animal shelter at 8 on the dot, but now I'm taking the 8 o'clock one. Why? Because I am not going to rush. Especially not when I'm a volunteer and they will be thrilled to have me no matter when I come. I'll be there 'til noon walking dogs and such.

I can tell that switching to 9-5 hours is going to be hard on me. (And 8:30-5:30 is really icky!) 10-6, which I had at GTRI, is much better but not all businesses will let you go by that or let you do flex-time.
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