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New levels of wet

Had a great morning with the animals at the shelter, but OH BOY what a time I had on the way home! One of those days when I was thinking, "Hmm, a car would be really nice about now." Got out of the shelter around 12:10 and the next bus wasn't coming 'til 12:40. It was pouring out, so I headed to a nearby coffeeshop/cafe to have some lunch while I waited. I ate quickly and got up to catch the bus at about 12:33, but when I got out to walk to the nearest bus stop, the bus was just going by. I don't know if it was early or really late, but since the next one wasn't scheduled 'til 1:20, I decided to walk. It's about 2 miles and meanwhile, by then it was torrential rain. I walked... and got really, really wet. My sneakers filled up, giving me the "lead boot" effect. Even with my big umbrella, my overcoat got so wet it was like I was wearing one of those lead X-ray aprons. My jeans got soaked all the way to mid-thigh! It wasn't until I was almost home, walking by CNN Center, that the bus finally came down Marietta Street... and prompty drove through a puddle, splashing me head to foot. I kept walking. My sneaks are in the sink drip-drying and my coat is hanging from the shower head. Pants, shirt and socks are in the washing machine (because they're wet and also smell like dogs and cats). Man, oh, man, are these dry clothes feeling good!
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