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Sometimes I *do* want voicemail, m'am

Oooookay. I just called my doctor's office to get a prescription renewed. Got voicemail, which is fine, since it gives instructions on how to have your pharmacy fax in a prescription request form. Only the message only says he number once and you can't get a repeat. So I called the line again and it didn't pick up. Then I called and got what I thought was a wrong number since it was a real person, not speaking all that clearly. Then I waited five minutes and got the same person. I told her I wanted the fax number for the clinic, since I didn't get all the numbers down... and she says, "The clinic's closed, m'am, so all calls are going to the switchboard." She said this like it would be obvious that the clinic's voicemail is ON during operating hours... and OFF at night, when they're closed. I mean... I can see having the option of switching to the operator if you want, but if you DO want the voicemail, you should be able to get it.

Arg. I have the clinic's fax number but I wanted to doublecheck and make sure it's the same # as for prescriptions, as some offices have more than one fax machine. I will call tomorrow morning... and probably get voicemail. Which is fine.

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