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I have a resolution to a previous anomaly:

For the past couple of weeks I've been puzzled by the fact that one of the MARTA train operators keeps announcing that Peachtree Center is the stop for "the Paramount." I was sure it was some kind of weird joke of his, since the Paramount theater was demolished years and years ago. Well, today he said it again and my brain thought, "Hmm, I wonder if he's saying something else." And lo and beyold, when I thought it over, he was saying "the Apparelmart." Which, if you are a train driver taking on a not-so-hot PA system and using an Atlanta accent, comes out as "the Paramart"... or "the Paramount."

Meanwhile, NEW anaomaly:

Two people arriving on the train platform at Peachtree Center, where the southbound train is about to close its doors and move on. Both of them are yelling, "Wait, wait!" and waving their arms. But they're not running or even walking fast. They aren't carrying anything and don't have any obvious physical impediments. They just seem to think walking normal pace is cool. Half a dozen people, including myself, nearly stopped in our tracks starting at these people.
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