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Amazing how going out of town motivates me.

Last night I picked up the bedroom, bathroom and office, then billed all my monthly clients.

This morning I: deposit client checks at the bank; deposited Georgia pension money check to my IRA; mailed out Wraeththu picture book orders; picked up prescriptions at CVS; got my allergy shot at the clinic; got vegies at Kroger for my guinea pigs; and (OK, not so "productive") had lunch at Fleurs des Lis downstairs.

Now I'm going to enter a pile of receipts, get my accounts in order, pay myself, then pay all my bills, seeing as I'll be out of town 'til the 6th. After that, I have to pack. By now packing isn't a big deal for me, especially as I have a check-list which lists out everything I need, so I don't miss anything.
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