Wiebke (wiebke) wrote,

Luckie's Snuggle Spots of Choice

Luckie has a thing for my coats. Other cats like shoes, but this little cat likes coats. Her favorite is my fancy dress overcoat, which I've worn a lot the past few months, as it fits and all the buttons are there. No matter where I put it -- unless I actually hang it up -- she will find it and sleep on it. As a shorthair, Luckie doesn't shed a whole lot, but you can bet her hairs DO show up on the black wool. The other day I had the coat dry-cleaned to get out the guinea pig hair from the two piggies I groomed for AHS, and even though the thing is in one of those huge plastic bags lying on the floor (who ever heard of hanging things up?) Luckie knows it's there and keeps lying on the bag. Right now she's actually lying on another coat, my black trenchcoat. If I move it somewhere else in the house, I bet she will find it and sit down on it.

Other places Luckie likes to cuddle up: on the left-most bedpillow, anywhere on the bed, under the bedcovers, on the couch, in her cat toy box, in the guinea pig cage, on the dinette set chairs, on the windowsill by the bird cage, in the bathroom sink, next to the entry door, on top of the scanner, on top of the air purifier, on the office bookcase, in the desk drawer, on the desk. Oh, and she likes to rest on me sometimes, too.

If I ever get my act together and get fabric for a quilt, my first "test" project will be to do a little quilt for Luckie. She obviously likes sitting on soft, warm things. Maybe I can even sew catnip inside the quilt, to make it extra special! Ooh, and tie little ribbons and stuff on it, so she can play with it! OK, this is making me more motivated by the sec. Caleb says IKEA has really cheap, stylish "remnants" in the return/"as is" section, so I should check that out. If there were fabric stores within easy reach of me, I'd go, but alas, those seem to be a suburban thing.
Tags: luckie, pets

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