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Working on that body

I finally found my measuring tape, which has been missing for months, and did some body measurements.

Hips: 47"
Waist: 37"
Chest: 42"

(Oh, and for the curious, I don't mind saying, 6'0" tall and 204 lbs.)

I like to describe myself as "curvaceous" rather than "some extra baggage," but yeah, there is some extra baggage.

Still working out, still on a diet. So far this year I've lost nearly 10 lbs. My diet-weight software calculates that if I lose 1 lb. a week (close to what I've been doing), by my birthday -- in late August! -- I will reach my "enough" weight of 180. And to reach my "ideal" weight of 170, I have to stay on track with 1 lb./week until Halloween!

If I manage to sustain enough willpower to do that, I am either going on a shopping spree or buying airline tickets (so I can go on a shopping spree... like say in England or Germany, where I love the clothes but so far have always been too fat to really buy what I want).
Tags: diet, exercise, health, weight

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