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Nothing but liquids and clean, cleansing foods for me Sunday. All I'm saying is that having "buffet" food available is not a good idea for me. True, there were a few things I could've eaten but didn't (e.g. no doughnuts) but several things I shouldn't have eaten but did. And I drank too much. I mean, not like I have a hangover or anything, but rum & coke using real, non-diet Coke is very caloric. And that Spanish blue cheese!

Oh. So I know what I'm even talking about: Get-together at Enrique's. Food. Drinks. Played Taboo for like 2 hours. Me talking too much. Enrique showing us 4-5 photo albums, including tons from the 80s when he had amazingly huge hair and white pants. It was really hot in his place so I kept pacing and also eating, to distract myself fromt the comfort. We were there 'til 1:30.

It's 2 a.m. now and I am SO hyper. Luckie is really distressed b/c she "knows" what time it is and desperately wants me to go to bed. I guess I have to, but ugh, my brain is going a mile and minute. It'll take me time to calm down after all this. Once I get going and it's after midnight, I'm like a runaway train.

Tags: good day, party

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