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Dad update

Got a voicemail from my sister Nancy and called her back because I knew it would be about Dad, only to get my brother-in-law Andy. Luckily Andy had a lot of details, which unluckily add up to Not Good. Dad has double-pneumonia, drains, a pus ball they're going to have to operate on, and staph has been detected in his urine, meaning he probably has an infection in his (already sick) kidneys. He's on fluids, antibiotics, nebulizer, etc. About the only good news is that there's somehow no serious fever and Dad is "himself," Andy says, meaning grumpy, irritated, and cantankerous. As Andy put it, "If your father starts to sound lackadaisical and happy in the hospital, there's something wrong." Anyway, Nanc was putting my nephew Sean to bed when I called, but I guess she'll call me back later.

Meanwhile I just emailed somebody in my work's HR department asking about procedures for emergency leave, family emergencies, etc. They have coverage and policies for that, but I'm not sure they cover me in the first six months of employment. We will see -- and I WILL go, if I must, for whatever reason.

EDIT: Talked to Nanc, she said pretty much what Andy said, plus said the hospital is reporting Dad probably won't be in there for "just a week" but might be there over the 60-day hospital stay allowance set by his insurance. WTF?!
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