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Sleeping all day, Project Runway

So I basically slept ALL day, then started actually getting to work around 6. I'm totally putting a homemade warning label on that allergy medication, saying "WILL Cause Drowsiness." Ugh. I swear I almost fell asleep at 5:30 again but I forced myself not to. Anyway, I've been doing edits on web sites and replying to emails all night -- got a huge back up.

I also was tuned into Bravo, watching the mom/sister challenge episode, which I missed when it aired, and latest episode of Project Runway, basically the only weekly show I watch. Totally bummed out Vincent was offed, though I agree his couture gown was not "all that." I also was annoyed at some of the remarks made re Kayne's gown and his supposed lack of taste, because I think his stuff is fabulous. It's been called tacky, which is maybe why I like it? Understatement isn't a favorite style choice of mine, unless you're talking about black. Jeffrey won this round with this insane yellow plaid cotton gown that really wasn't my cup of tea, though it was pretty daring. I wonder what malibran thought of it.
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